Archive storage boxes

Our archive boxes are very good quality cardboard. Fitting A4 paper comfortably inside these boxes is child’s play. The boxes themselves are double walled ensuring you have no filing catastrophes with these boxes. These archive storage boxes are very handy in the work place as they take up very little room and save lots. It’s a no-brainer for someone who works in a cluttered office with very little storage space. These A4 boxes are ideal for storing all your paperwork safely and easily saving you time and space.

Archive box

Archive boxes UK supply you with quality archive storage boxes. The archive box is perfect solution to many packing needs. The innovative design allows for either A4 files to be stored along its width or foolscap files to store across its length. Cardboard archive boxes are ideal for holding variety of paperwork, from office use to home use, bills, school work, children pictures and so on. These boxes would make the perfect office storage boxes solution. Our archive boxes all come with lids. The archive boxes with lids are ideal as this makes your content easy assessable. The lids are extremely easy to remove; there is no need to un-do tape or damage the box.

A4 Boxes

Our A4 boxes are the ideal solution to storing your paperwork and files / folders. Our A4 Cardboard Boxes keep your office or house uncluttered and organised. Our filing boxes have a labelling section to allow you to label according to what works best for yourselves to be able to find you files in the future. All of our A4 archive storage boxes are delivered flat packed and are self locking. There is no need for tape or glue. The A4 document boxes are manufactured from double walled cardboard, providing very strong and secure archive boxes. However do take care not to overload with heavy items, so they can be manoeuvred easily to where they are to be stored.

Filling Boxes

Our filing boxes are very handy when it comes to organising your paperwork, whether at work or at home.
These archive boxes are easy to use and fitted with hand hole handles to make carrying and manoeuvring your heavy files much easily.

An Archive box keeps your office and house office tidy and organised. They ensure that you do not loose any of your important files or documents during your move.

Archive Boxes UK provide a free next day delivery service on all orders made up to 5pm