About Us

Archive Boxes supply top quality archive boxes which are supplied to the general public, businesses and removal and storage services. Archive boxes are well known for their standard and quality of boxes providing archive cardboard boxes to tailor home, business and office needs. Cardboard archive cartons are essential during transportation and storage. This prevents loss and damage of important documentation and files.

Our aim is to provide the best quality cardboard archive boxes for home and office use. The quality of our boxes is so important, due to providing customer satisfaction. We want our boxes to be well known for their standard and protection of your goods for either transportation or storage. Archive boxes keep all your documents organised and safe and range from small boxes to large. All boxes are labelled and are easy to carry. Archive boxes provides archive cardboard boxes to removal and storage companies. These companies use them for house and office moves and also for storage of customer and company goods.

Businesses need the best standard archive boxes when filling, transporting and storing important files. Archive file storage boxes meet all business requirements as our archive boxes are strong double wall cardboard boxes, reliable, labelled, easy to carry, are made from top quality cardboard, bought singly or as a pack and arrive next working day delivery. Our archive storage boxes are great for day to day office use as well as storage. Our storage boxes come with a specific contents area for you to write exactly what is in the box to save loss of tags and information of content in each box. This saves time and worry.

Archive file boxes can also be used for the general household. Archive boxes can be used for storing important household documents/bills, general household/garage clutter and home business use. Our archive boxes are strong enough to be re used more than once and for many years with care and attention.